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Right to Education: 

Educational Bursary Fund

This project raises capital to provide educational bursaries to selected individuals from a previously disadvantaged background. Our bursaries are not limited to academic achievement alone, but also include candidates who are not only dedicated in the classroom but who show a keen interest in sports and culture. Our bursaries cover all schooling requirements including additional costs such as uniforms, school trips, books, and sporting expenses. We believe the choice of school and university should be a collaborative decision between Chapter 2, child and his/her family. 


At present we have committed to funding one promising individual, currently a Grade 9 pupil, through to the end of his tertiary education. They have grown from strength to strength in all aspects of life. Their latest achievement was being selected for an Under 16A team tour to Europe at the end of this year. This is a fantastic achievement as they are only Under 15. We have committed to paying for this trip as an acknowledgement for all their hard work. 

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