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The Right

To Water

Chapter 2 partnered with the Hillcrest Aids Centre (HAC) (Durban, South Africa) and their Community Vegetable Gardens project which assists families, schools and community groups who are affected by HIV/AIDS, by assisting them to start their own vegetable gardens that provide food-security and an opportunity to sell excess produce on the open market. HAC provides training on how to create and manage the gardens, and after the initial harvest the individuals take on the responsibility themselves of future plantings and harvests (with ongoing mentoring and support provided by HAC’s horticulture team). 


Chapter 2 has worked closely with the HAC to provide water storage units that allow for the storage of water during dry periods to ensure that the gardens can be maintained throughout the year. We have collaborated on school garden projects and will continue to support them, with a plan to raise further funds to develop community projects. To date we have sourced, provided and installed 5 Jojo tanks to 5 of these schools where the program has been implemented. We have invested a significant amount of resources and time towards this project.

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